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  Troyan monastery   Hotels in Troyan, Bulgaria

About 10 km south-east from the pictoresque town of Troyan, is located one of the centres of the Bulgarian - the Troyan monastery. Unknown Bulgarian, a monk...

Here you can find a list with hotels, villas, private accomodations in town of Troyan and the villages in the municipality. You can add hotel or villa by...

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  •   Map of Troyan municipality   Kozia Stena hut

    The dynamicly developing social and economic processes in Bulgaria during the last years drove to essential changes in our society. New structures are...

    It is located in Haiduk Cheshma countryside 1562 m above sea-level. It is a massive three-leveled building with capacity of 100 places in two apartments and...

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  •   Plant world   Museum of crafts

    Here you can find information and pictures of lots of plants (herbs, flowers, trees). Troyan`s region is quite afforested. The north slopes of the Troyan`s...

    The origins of folk art and its development in Troyan and its vicinity go far back to the 14th and early 15th centuries. Troyan arose as a settlement along...

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  •   Roman Castle Sostra near Lomets   Holidays and traditions

    The Roman military encampment Sostra is situated 12 km north of Troyan and 28 km south of Lovech. At the place are found a lot of coins, utensils, memorial...

    Easter There are feasts and church divine services in the Troyan church `Snt Paraskeva` in Troyan. 15 August It is a church feast of the Troyan monastery...

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