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  Guest house Alfa-Daniel   Guest House Diana

The house offers to its guests: three double rooms with bedrooms, a room with three single beds, a flat with two bedrooms. There are private bathrooms, tv,..

Guest house Diana is located in the foots ofthe Central Balkan, in the village of Balabansko, that is 8 km far away from the town of Troyan, near to the...

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  •   Villa Montemno   Guest house Haik

    There are 12-16 beds in 3 standart coples and 2 flats in villa Montemno. There are separate baths and toilets, tv, central heating and kitchen box where you...

    Guest house Haik is located in the village of Beli Osam, municipality Troyan. It offers 3 rooms with 2 beds and one room with three beds. with private...

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  •   Family hotel Zdravets   Villa Viktoria

    Family hotel Zdravets is located in village of Cherni Osam, municipality Troyan. Cherni Osam is located on the territory of the National Park Central...

    Villa Viktoria is located in the villa village of Balabansko, 6km far away from the centre of the town of Troyan. The villa has 4 rooms and beds for 8...

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  •   Villas Karma   Hotel Shato Montan

    Guest house Karma is situated in the picturescue village of Balkanets, situated in the foots of the Troyan Balkan. It is located 5 km far away from the town...

    Hotel Shato Montan is 3 stars, it is located in town of Troyan on Stara Planina street 34. HOTEL CHATEAU MONTAGNE 34 STARA PLANINA STR. 5600...

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