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  Scotch cottonthistle

Latin name: Onopordum acanthium. The scotch cottonthistle is wide spread in our vegetation. It grows in both lowlands and low mountin regions where it grows up to 1000 metres above sea level. It often grows in dry and grassy places and it outlined against the surrounding plants with its hight and its prickly stalks and racemes which hold both people and animals away from it but there are some animals like dunkies and camels that like to eat it. The scotch cottonthistle is a biennial plant with spindle-shaped root with upright divaricate stalk. Its height reaches up to 300 sm. Both the stalks and the leaves are covered with little pappuses that looks like a spider`s net. The seeds of the scotch cottonthistle contains oil that is almost as good as the oil of the sunflower. Its leaves and its stalks contains tanning extracts that can be used in leather industry.

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