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Latin name: Galeopsis tetrahit. It is an annual grassy plant with upright four-ribbed stalk, with height is between 15 and 50 sm, hairy and branched. The leavs are are placed opposite on each other, the bottom ones are oval, and the leaves that are positioned on the upper parts of the stalk are oval-lanceolate or lanceolate, spear-shaped, ribbed, hairy, long about 3-8 sm, wide 1,5-5 sm, with stems long up to 4 sm. The blooms are in thic raceme containing from 2 to 7 blooms positioned on the top of the branchings. The blooms have laceolate spear-shaped bracts. The chalice is tube-like and bell-shaped, long about 12-14 mm. The stamen s are 4, hidden under the upper lip, two of them are shorter. The ovary is upper. The fruit is dry, separating on 4 flattened parts in the bottom of the chalice. It grows in dry grassy and rocky regions and in the culture plantings, up to 1500 metres above sea level. It blooms from june to August. The overground blooming part is used in the medicine.

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