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Latin name: Cichorium intybus. The chicory is a perennial plant, wide spread in Bulgaria - you can find it everywhere in the lowlands, in the foot of the mountins where it grows up to 1000 metres above sea level. It grows basicly on dry places, near roads, and sometimes it grows like a weed in fields with cultivated plants. The root of the chicory is long and pulpy. It helps the plant to develop in dry lands and soils poor of mineral substances. The chicory has upright stem which is between 20 and 50 sm high but it can be found high up to 1,5 m. This plant blooms during the summer but also can be seen blooming in October. The roots of the chicory contain fats, oil, tanin, vitamine B and other substances. Thanks to this substances the roots can be used for food and to treat some diseases. After baking and grinding the roots can be used like a substitution of the coffee also known as `frank coffee`. If the roots are boiled they can be used as a healthy addition to different soups.

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