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Latin name: Mentha piperita. The peppermint is a perennial grassy plant with violet ribbed stalk. Both sode of the leaves are covered with glands that extract essential volatile oils. The blooms are small in light pink or violet. The peppermint has very well developed roots. It is wide spread in the lowlands and in the mountins. Bulgaria and Italy are the biggst producers of peppermint in the world. The peppermint contains mentha oil, carotine, tannin, bitter substances. It helps when you have stomache-ache and aches in the intestines, disturbance in the digestion, confusion, when you feel sick. It stimulates the heart activity and removes head-ache. Externel for gargle when you have tooth-ache and inflamination of the gums. The peppermint tea should not be used for very long time because the metha essential volatile oils causes inflamination of the mucosa.

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