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Castle Sostra
Roman Castle Sostra near Lomets The origin of the name of `Sostra`
Memorials found in Sostra
  The origin of the name of `Sostra`

The name of the Roman roadside station Sostra is earliest marked on the so-called `Peutingerian map` (Tabula Peutingeriana) at the end of the IV century. The station, along with all the surrounding constructions, is situated on the road Escus - Philipopolis, outlying 13 Roman miles south of Melta (probably north of Lovech) and 10 miles north of Ad Radices (the area `Popina laka` - east of B. Osam village, Troyan municipality). Sostra, as a name, is also found in some west European maps from the XVII - XVIII century, mostly based on the Peutingerian map. The name of the station probably comes from the ancient Greek words Sworpa, Sworpov (bandage, belt), which corresponds to the strategic location of the antique compound of roadside station, castle and constructions surrounding them in the valley of river Azamus (Osam). The Hungarian historian Felix Kannitz is the first who said that Sostra had been found in the surrounding area of Lomets village. K. Irechek, V. Avramov, V. Dobruski, M. Madzharov, G. Kitov, T. Totevski are among the first explorers of the Roman remains. The first complete research of the fortified military camp (castle) and roadside constructions is made by an expedition from the National History Museum in the summer of 2002. The expedition is part of a three-year scientific program. Engaged in the realisation of this program are Prof. Dr. Rumen Ivanov (Archaeology Institute and Museum /AIM/ - Bulgarian Science Academy /BSA/), Dr. Sergey Torbatov (AIM - BSA), Dr. Ivan Hristov (National History Museum /NHM/) and Maria Ivanova (Archaeology Museum `Maritza-Iztok` - Radnevo).

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