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Here you can find a list with restaurants, bars and discos in town of Troyan and other villages in Troyan municipality. You can add a restaurant or bar by clicking here or by sending an email at containing a short description, contact information, picture.

  • Troyan
         Cafe Antik
         Tavern Starata Kashta
         Bar Zulu
         Folk club Sindi
         Chinese restaurant Sachuan
         Pizza & bar Miami
         Restaurant Toledo
         Tavern Feneri
         Cocktail & bar B4B
         Tavern Komitite
         Cafe-aperitif "Hriso"
         Snack-bar Lagoon

  • Oreshak
         Tavern Kaizer
         Tavern Strandjata

  • Village of Cherni Osam
         Tavern Kolibito

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