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  • Relief
  • Troyan region has too complicated relief. Here parts from the main Stara mountain chain live together with the folds of Balkan. To the south from the town is mountsins the Troyan planina - a part from Troyan region - Kaloferski portion of mountains the Stara planina. Next to Troyan rises some hills like Turlata, Tarneto, Bukovets, Kapincho and Kaleto. The highest point is the ridge of Troyan mountain which consists of many hills: Golyam Kupen - 2169 m and Ambaritsa peak - 2166 m. When a man stay on the peak he can enjoy the view towards Dunavska ravnina and karlovska hollow.

  • Climate
  • Troyan has a good nature and favourable moderate climate. The mean yearly temperature is little less than mean yearly temperature of North Bulgaria. The summer isn\\\'t so hot and the winter is definitely soft. Here october is warmer than april and amplitudes are less. All this talks about the transitional climate from continental to mountainous one. Days with snowfall are around 30 with snow cover 60 cantimeters. In the mountain it begins snowing in November till the end of april and it stays till July. The soft winter and the cool summer contributes for developing of the town in one generally recognized semimountain resort.

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