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The town of Troyan is located 160 km north-east from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia, 120 km north from Plowdiw, 220 km south-west from Ruse and about 300 km from the Black Sea. It has population of 25 thousands people (the last counting has estimated 25 678 people) and it is a centre of a municipality with 21 settlements. It is situated on the teracced banks of Beli Osam river, in the north foot of Stara mountin on 430-450 m over the sea.There is mild continental climat with expressive mountin influance. There are four seasons. The maximal summer temperature is about 30-35 degrees. There are no fast winds because the nearness of the Stara mountin doesn't allow this. The average rainfall is a little over the avarage rainfall for the country - about 650 ml. There is snow for about 50 days in the year. The territory of Troyan is a continuing of the mountin of Teteven on the west and of the mountin of Gabrovo on the east. The vegetation is: מאך, ash, poplar and on 800 m over the sea there are beech forests.

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