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Village of Debnevo
Vidima river Village of Debnevo
Relics of castle Kaleto Hotels and Villas
Museum in village of Debnevo
  Vidima river

Vidima river flows through village of Debnevo, Troyan municipality. The river rises from Stara Planina mountin, passes through town of Apriltsi, reaches Troyan municipality and continues flowing through Sevlievo municipality. The river is very attractive for fishing. During the hot summer days you can cool yourself in the river. There are no plants that soils the upper stream of the river. There is a wide glade on the way from town of Troyan to village of Debnevo, right next to the river bank. Hourse riding contests and rock feasts take place there during the summer days. There is a lot of place where you can put your tent and spend some restful days during the summer.

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