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Castle Sostra
Roman Castle Sostra near Lomets The origin of the name of `Sostra`
Memorials found in Sostra
  Roman Castle Sostra near Lomets

The Roman military encampment Sostra is situated 12 km north of Troyan and 28 km south of Lovech. At the place are found a lot of coins, utensils, memorial stones. The most intriguing find is an ancient Trakian mask dated about V-IV century before Christ. It is found on pieces and is restored. The mask is now kept in the National Historical Museum in Sofia.The castle is built on a comparatively flat terrain, in the valley of river Osam, and surrounded by low hills, with height of no more than 500 m above the sea level. The castle is build near the junction of rivers Ladana and Osam. The above sea level of the castle is 300 m. Its location is exceptionally strategic, for it controls the approaches to Troyan, to the south, and the road goes right next to it. The eastern (main) gate of the castle points towards the area `Kalugerskoto` - the only known approach to the upper course of river Osam. The whole valley, in which the castle is situated, covers an area of about 4 sq. km. In the valley are localised and partially explored many objects, described in the volume I of the series `Sostra`.

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