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Troyan monastery
Troyan monastery History of the Troyan monastery
Icon in the Troyan monastery Zachari Zograf
The Renaissance Museum in the Troyan monastery
  Zachari Zograf

The inscription over the gate of the church:

'Glory for the Snt, the Only One, Giving Life and Inseparable Troica, Отца и Сина и Св. Духа, this sanctuary Snt Bogorodica was wall-painted with the work of the godloving christians. This happened on the 10 September 1848 y. at abbot ieromonah hadji Filoteia. With his hand, Zaharii Hristov - wall-painter from Samokov, painted the walls.'

By the researches that have been made till now, on the art of Zahari Zograf is specified that the artist has gave all his love and skills in the painting of the walls of the church 'Uspenie Bogorodichno'. It is unknown how many money are wasted on the paining and who were the assistants of Zahari Hristov Zograf. In the monastery archive and in the archive of the artist there is not a single document that indicates the conditions and duties that had been required during the making of the wall-paintings. Zahari Hristov Zograf was born in 1810 y in Samokov town. He is son of Hristo Dimitrov - also a famous artist and founder of the artist in Samokov. Zahari Zograf was born to be an artist. About in the middle of the past sentury, about 1847-1849 y, he has already won a name of a famous and experienced artist. During the period he was the most skillfull representative of the artist school in Samokov. Befor beginning of painting the church in the Troyan monastery, he has painted the church 'Snt Nikolay' in Bachkovski monastery and in 1844 y has painted the church in the Rila monastery. In both churches he has the opportunity to show his skills. He has painted not only images of saints but images of some of the people who made a lot for the Renaissance artistic art. There are some documents that indicates large sums of money that Zahari was given for the painting of the Rila monastery. This shows how cheep was the painting of the churches in that period. The work of the artists was not easy, too. The trubles are not so in the cheep materials but in the slow and unproductive work. Zahari Zograf is the main master of the painting of the church 'Uspenie Bogorodichno'. He is author of all images.

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