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  Vidima river   Villa Raiski Kut

Vidima river flows through village of Debnevo, Troyan municipality. The river rises from Stara Planina mountin, passes through town of Apriltsi, reaches...

The house offers to its guests : 3 rooms with restrooms,a kitchen,a local heating.Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature,the fresh air and the traditional...

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  •   Hotel Viktoria   Hotel Sima

    Hotel Viktoria is located in the health-resort Shipkovo among the beautiful nature of Stara Planina mountain, 20 km far away of the town of Troyan. It is...

    Hotel Sima has 42 seats in 10 double rooms, 3 flats and 3 flats with 2 rooms. There are cable tv and internet in all of the rooms. There is also a cosy...

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  •   Villa Ilian   Villa Nena

    House for guests Ilian is situated 10 km far away from the town of Troyan after the village of Balabansko in Mutevska neighbourhood. It is appropriate for...

    Villa Nena is open for its guest since the beginning of 2007. The villa is cosy and the atmosphere is very pleasant. The silence, the calmness and the beauty...

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  •   Villa Blankenburg   Guest House Hitar Petar

    Villa Blankenburg is situated in the village of Oreshak, Troyan municipality - Bulgaria. It is in the foots of the National park Central Balkan, famous...

    Guest house Hitar Petar is situated in the village of Beli Osam, 15 km far away from the town of Troyan. Staying here you will be able to delight the...

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