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Troyan monastery
Troyan monastery History of the Troyan monastery
Icon in the Troyan monastery Zachari Zograf
The Renaissance Museum in the Troyan monastery
  The Renaissance

The church building in Troyan has a continuing history. In the period of the Turkish slavery this monuments are destroyed in result of the war time on the Balkan peninsular through XIV-XVII sentury. In the end of XVI and in the beginning of XVII sentury is settled the biggest in North Bulgaria monaster - the Troyan monastery. It has overlived several fires. In the beginning of XIX sentury it is already one of the big christian center in the bulgarian lands. The fair in Oreshak village, organized in honor of the feast 'Uspenie Bogorodichno', contributes the developing of the monastery. In the end of XVII and in the beginning of XIX sentury begins the growth of Novo selo (the present town of Apriltsi). The crafts are being developed. The village is turned into a trade centre. Then here is built the first monumental christian church in the region in 1814 y. The building of the church 'Snt Paraskeva' in Novo selo can be considered as a first stage of the church building in the Renaissance. As a second stage can be considered the period after the Odrisk contract for peace when the building of christian churches is officially allowed by the low. In 1835 are finished two christian churches - the church 'Uspenie Bogorodichno' in the Troyan monastery and the church 'Snt Paraskeva' in Troyan. Three years later was built the church 'Snt Nikolay Letni' in Selce (Staro Malchevo), a present quarter of Gumoshtnik village. Later in result of the economical growth there was built more churches in the bigger villages that can be considered as a third stage of the building of christian churches.

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