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  Paraplanner pictures of Troyan   Paraplanner in village of Oreshak

Here you can take a look on pictures of town of Troyan made with a paraplanner. In town of Troyan is established an aeroclub - Skywalkers. Its basic activity...

There is an aeroclub named `SkyWalkers` in town of Troyan. Its basic activity concerns touristic and advertising flights with motodeltaplanners, education...

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  •   Village of Debnevo   Reserve Steneto

    Village of Debnevo is located in Troyan municipality, 20 km far away from town of Troyan. The village is the biggest in the municipality. It has the most...

    Established in 1963, total area of 3,602.4 ha. Included in the World Network of Biospheric Reserves in 1979. Forest ecosystems cover 94 % of the...

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  •   Reserve Tsarichina   Reserve Boatin

    Established in 1949, total area of 3,392 ha. In 1977 was included in the World Network of Biospheric Reserves. Here can be found the endemic white fir (Pinus...

    This is the eldest reserve in the National Park established in 1948, of total area 1,600 ha. In 1977 was included in the World Network of Biospheric Reserves...

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  •   Vasiliov hut   Pleven hut

    It`s located to the south-east from Vasiliov peak at 1390 m above sea-level. It is a massive two-leveled buildings with capacity of 42 places in one room with...

    It`s located in Bazov Dyal after Vidima quarter, at 1504 m above sea-level. It consists of two buildings with common capacity of 180 places in two apartments...

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