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On the territory of Troyan there are 15 educational institutions in the field of the secondary education - 2 nursary schools, 6 secondary schools, 2 secondary sanitary schools, 3 secondary schools of general education, a machinotechnical school and a art school. The count of the students is about 4092. They are educated in 200 classes. There are sixteen kindergartens - three of them has a statut of united children institutions, a weekly kindergarten and thirteen dayly kindergartens. In the sphere of tourism there are two special classes - managment and ketering and a class for mountain guides. Troyan is a town with hard-working and enterprising people. Here you will lern how the builders of the town after the emancipation succeed to turn the town into a fast developing settlement. In 1911 after the electrifying of Sofia and Plovdiv, Troyan is also electrified. Several workshops are turned into industrial concerns. From the time of the Bulgarian Renaissanse, Troyan is a town of crafts. This tradition is continued by the present firms and concerns. In the cmunicipality there are great opportunities for development of the tourism. Here are placed many natural and historical landmarks with national and local importance. In our territory is located a big part of the National Park \\

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