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  Hotel Planinski Rai   Hotel Joana

It is 200 metres dar away from the centre of the health resort. The old villa has two rooms with two beds and a common bathroom and lavatory. The hotel has...

Hotel Joanna is located in the village of Shipkowo (20 km from Troyan). The hotel has 80 beds, 2 restaurants with commonly 140 seats, central heating, cable...

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  •   Hotel Shipkovo   Village of Shipkovo

    Hotel Shipkovo is situated 20 km away from Troyan in the resort Shipkovo - famous for its mineral baths since the Revival. Hotel Shipkovo has its own swimming...

    The village is located 20 km west of Troyan. It is famous for its mineral spas, which date back to the Bulgarian Revival (18c).The mineral spring at Shipkovo...

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  •   Villa Radoslav   Villa Ilian

    The villa is near to the mineral swimming pool in village of Chiflik, Troyan municipality. It works during the whole year. It has three rooms with three beds...

    Villa Ilian is near to the swimming pool with mineral water in village of Chiflik, Troyan municipality. The hotel has two rooms with two beds, one with four...

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  •   Hotel Venika   Hotel Diva

    Hotel Venika is located in the health resort in village of Chiflik, 15 km from town of Troyan - in the foot of the mountin reserv Kozia Stena, among thick...

    The complex is 300 metres far away from the centre of village of Chiflik, Troyan municipality. A reconstructed old part and a new part. A big and a small...

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