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Plant world
Plant world Camomile
Chicory Scotch cottonthistle
Peppermint Hemp-nettle
Lawndaisy Mullein
Squill Edelweiss
Dandelion Dog Rose
Autumn crocus Yarrow
St Johnswort Bird`s foot Trefoil
Red Clover
  Plant world

Here you can find information and pictures of lots of plants (herbs, flowers, trees). Troyan`s region is quite afforested. The north slopes of the Troyan`s mountain are covered with forests. Oak-tree, hornbeam, ashl and poplar occurs at the lower places. 800 m above sea-level there are beech forests. From 1500 m above sea-level upwards there are fir-tree, white fir, spruce, dwarf pine and blueberry. There are also lots of flowers and herbs. Some of them are unique.


St Johnswort

Plant world


Autumn crocus

Dog Rose




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Plant world

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