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  Hotels in Troyan, Bulgaria

Here you can find a list with hotels, villas, private accomodations in town of Troyan and the villages in the municipality. You can add hotel or villa by clicking here or by sending an e-mail to with the needed information. The mail could contain a short information, address of the hotel/villa, picture, telephone number.

  • Town of Troyan
         Park hotel Troyan
         Hotel Nunki
         Hotel Nikola Gabarov
         Accomodation Tsenka
         Hotel Troyan Plaza
         Guest house Pri Pancho
         Hotel Shato Montan
         Guest house “Alfa-Daniel”
         Hotel Mars
         Family hotel Lagoon
         Villa Bojana

  • Oreshak
         Villa Belite Borove
         Hotel Via
         Hotel Sveta Gora
         Villa Edelvais
         Hotel Edelvais
         Guest house Oreshaka
         Villa Tera Verde
         Villa complex Petia
         Oreshak Inn
         Station “Neft i gas”
         Villa Blankenburg
         Villa Raiski Kut
         Guest houst To the Brothers
         Guest house Pri Orehite
         Villa Maya
         Guest house Labadi
         Family hotel River
         Hotel Troeruchitsa

  • Village of Cherni Osam
         Hotel Otdih
         Hotel Spomen
         Hotel Sherpa
         Hotel Rudan
         House Hadzi Arhimandrid Makari
         Family hotel “Zdravets”
         Guest house Magi
         Guest house The Land by the River
         Guest rooms Kanakovi
         Guest house Arirang

  • Beklemeto
         Hotel Beklemeto
         Hotel Flandria
         Hotel Via Trayana
         Villa “Montemno”
         Hotel Sima

  • Village of Chiflik
         Villa Elora
         Hotel Diva
         Hotel Venika
         Villa Ilian
         Villa Radoslav
         Villa Esperanza
         Hotel Mania
         House for hire
         Hotel Venika Palace
         Guest house Elia
         Hotel complex Chiflika
         Complex Izgrev
         Guest house Hera

  • Village of Gorno Trape
         Villa Colour
         Villa Slanchevata Kashta
         Ecological village Azareya

  • Village of Shipkovo
         Hotel Shipkovo
         Hotel Joana
         Hotel Planinski Rai
         Villa Afrodita
         Villa Borovets
         Villa Valya
         Villa Rusalka
         Villa Diana
         Villa Diamant
         Villa Sviloza
         Villa Rai
         Villa Belite Brezi
         Hotel-restaurant Bakhus
         Hotel Viktoria
         Hotel of the Union of the blind people
         Family houses Balkansky
         Villa Orfei
         Villa Veni

  • Village of Belish
         Villa Margatina

  • Village of Beli Osam
         House Kalina
         Complex “Trite kashti”
         Guest house “Haik”
         Guest House Hitar Petar
         Villa Nena
         Villa Tilia
         Villa Secret
         Holiday village Ostrova
         Hotel Bile

  • Village of Patreshko
         Villa Vanya
         Villa Belomajevi

  • Village of Shikovo
         Villa Romantica
         Villa Veselie

  • Village of Balabansko
         Villa Viktoria
         Guest House Diana
         Villa Ilian

  • Village of Balkanets
         Villas Karma
         Hotel complex By the River
         Guest house Chardacite

  • Village of Troyan
         Villa Livadeto

  • Village of Debnevo
         Hotel Debnevo

  • Village of Terziisko
         Guest house Chardak

  • Village of Gumoshtnik
         Villa Borika

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