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Beklemeto Ski track
Hotels and Villas

Beklemeto is a mountain resort centre situated 22 km south-west of Troyan (near the Troyan Pass, 1320 km above sea level).The resort offers excellent facilities for winter tourism. It has two skilifts and one ski-lug in project; three ski runs of total length 2,5 km,and three ski-rent huts, six snowmobiles and one radtrack. Close byis the best ski run in Bulgaria for cross country skiing and biathlon. Itis located in a deciduous forest and complies with Europeanstandards.Snow cover holds about 170 days yearly.Beklemeto is the starting point for various hiking routes along theTroyan part of the Balkan Mountain (up the mountain chalets ofDcrmanka, Kozya Stena, etc.).There are many private hotels, villas, restaurants, etc.

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