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Troyan kitchen
  Troyan kitchen

The most famous delicasy from Troyan is the Troyan rakia made by plumps. In the market you can find the made in `Vinprom - Troyan` rakia: ordinary, mellow and old that can taste in each place of resort. In the home the variety is even bigger - there is tradition according to which rakia is bottled when a baby is born and it will be used on the wedding day of the child. In the Troyan monastery is made a special plump rakia with mountain herbs.

During the winter months the rakia is drunk heated and sweetened. In the past the masters had been making special utensils for heating of the rakia. Utensils like this can be seen in the museum in Troyan.

Tasty marmalade is being made by the plump, too.

By a butchered pig in a keg is being made bacon. During the spring and the summer the baked bacon on grill or cut on thin slices is the best appetizer for the rakia. The balkan people says that the fat of the bacon absorb the alcochol and you cannot get drunk.

Beans soup - for the maikng of it are needed half a kilogram beans pods, a tie onion, five red tomatoes, a glas of plumps, one or two ties savory, peppermint, salt.

Stuffed cabbage leaves with rice - It is made with 600 gr cut pork meat, 100gr rice, 100gr onion, 100 ml olive oil, сунфловер, a sour cabbage, black pepper, sweet pepper stew, salt.

Luchnik - for the making are needed 4 tea glasses flour, a tea glass yoghurt, half a spoon soda for baking, a pinch salt, plant oil. For the stuff: a kilo onion, 3-4 soup spoons plant oil, 150 gr walnuts, black pepper, salt.

`White man` is an old shepherd`s titbit that is made by fresh cheese, flour and honey.

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