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Hotels in Village of Cherni Osam
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  Guest rooms Kanakovi

Guest rooms Kanakovi are located in the beginning of the village of Cherni Osam (15 km far away from the town of Troyan). The base is with a separate entrance and has places for 4 people in two rooms. In one of the rooms there are two beds and through it you can pass to the second room where there is a bedroom. It has a separate bathroom and toilet. It also has an opportunity to cook your food.

The householders offer:
- Summer grill.
- Cable TV and Internet.
- Dinner in the old house.
- Organizing of a walk and eating among the nature in the mountain around the village of Cherni Osam.
- Walks to waterfalls, interesting rock shapes and other famous natural sights.
- Trip to Zelenikovski monastery.
- Trip to church Sveti Nikola.
- Trip to hut Ambaritsa.
- Trip to hut Dermenka.
- Climbing of artificial walls in the school for mounting guides in the village of Cherni Osam
- Backpacks and other equipment for tourism.
- Getting familiar with local arts and traditions.
- Mineral water from a local spring Geratsite.
- Herbs and gathering of herbs.
- Souvenirs made by the nature

  • Contacts:
  • +359 (0)887 685950 - Dobrinka Kanakova
    +359 (0)886 075586 - Petko Kanakov
    village of Cherni Osam, Troyan municipality, Bulgaria

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