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Legends about Troyan Legend about the Troyan monastery
  Legends about Troyan

Legends about Krali Marko.

Krali Marko has lived in Padish countryside and his sister Mara - at Maragidik peak. They have respected each other and have cut wood with an axe and have cooked in a copper. Krali Marko has thrown his sister's axe and when he has cooked he has thrown the copper too. Once they have thrown stones further than each other. Krali Marko has thrown a big stone further than his sister. The countryside where his stone has fallen down is called Padish and where his sister's stone - Marininiyat stone.

Krali Marko's sister has kept the passage near the peak called Mara Gidiya and her brother has kept Troyan passage. She has dreamed a nightmare and she called for his brother to complain. When she had been telling him about her nightmare Ottomans rushed in south Bulgaria. Krali Marko has begun to kiil them. The hill called Turski hill has been covered with corpses and tons of blood but the Ottomans didn't end and the powers weakened. Then Krali Marko has thrown his mace on the Ottomans in moment of anger. It has flown over the Turski hill and has fallen down far behind it in Padish countryside. That's how Markovata hole has formed.

Mara has had many goats. In March she has kicked out them on pasture and then it has been snowing and the snow covered the goats. Trere were also kids with the goats. Nowadays there are many mounds where the goats and the kids have been buried. Near each big mound there is a small one. The countryside is called Marinite goats.

Krali Marko has lived on Iumrukchal (called Botev peak nowadays). Above the iumrukchal walls of Malkiya Iumruk there was Marko's throne. Krali Marko has had fields on the level places of Iumrukchal and Diuzchal. He has sowed leg of mutton on them. He has harvested the ripe mutton, tied it in sheaves and heaped it up on Malkiya Krastets and Golemiya Krastets. The dried up sheaves he has stacked up on Golemiya Kupen and Malkiya Kupen. The sheaves and the mutton have petrified and that's how the hills have formed.

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