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Troyan Balkan
  Troyan Balkan

In Central Stara mountain, between 'Ushite' peak and the springs of Taja river to the east is located Troyan Balkan. In this part the mountain is very beutiful - there are sharp rock profiles and smooth lawns. If we go from the east to the west on the profile of the montain, in the beginning is located Maragidik peak. Beklemeto is located 20 km from Troyan in the southest part of Trozan municipality at 1360 m above sea-level from the north part of the Troyan passage. The most important and interesting of all mountaines in Troyan is Vasiliov mountain. Itis located to the east from Beli Vit river to the west outskirts of the artistic Troyan hollow. The main ridge of the mountain is covered with beech forests and fern lawns above which are rising the peaks: Treskavec, Tarsa, Kamenna Mogila, Golesh, Koinec, Goliam Vasiliovski Kopen and Malak Vasiliovski Kopen.

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