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In spiritual development of Troyan the first place takes the community centre. In its activity There are tracks of all generations. In spiritual development of Troyan the community centre takes the first place. There are tracks from all generations. It is a place where people have found themselves on spiritual progress. Many years it has been simultaneously a lybrary, national university, theatre, operetta, ballet and musical school. The community centre Nauka is one of the first innovations in Troyan. There are many factors about its creation. One of them is revolutionary activity of father Matei Preobrajenski - worker of Tarnovski revolutionary committee, visited Troyan in 1868 and the other is the founding of local revolutionary committee by Vasil Levski. In the presence of a community centre and a school it has conceived the idea for third cultural establishment - the theatre. In 1872 is the first show - piece Mnogostradalna Genoveva. The effect was horrific. Nowadays the community centre is a centre of educational and cultural activity. Inside there are a library with many books and a reading-room. The artistic ctivity is developing progressively - choirs, vocal groups, theatral cast, musical school.

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