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  Troyan kitchen   Reserve Severen Djendem

The most famous delicasy from Troyan is the Troyan rakia made by plumps. In the market you can find the made in `Vinprom - Troyan` rakia: ordinary, mellow and...

Established in 1983 with the aim of preserving the subalpine rock habitation of endemic, rare and endangered species, and unique geomorphological and...

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  •   Culture and style of living   Reserve Sokolna

    The basic traditional crafts in the region are presented by the exposition of the museum of crafts in Troyan and the work of the present masters is presented...

    The reserve is established in 1979, total area of 1,178.2 ha. This is the habitation for more than 700 plant species Here is the place with edelweiss growing...

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  •   Legend about the Troyan monastery   Legends about Troyan

    The hostory of the Troyan monastery starts from 1600 y and as in may others countries the monk live begins in the mountains. Many years after the Bulgarian...

    Legends about Krali Marko.Krali Marko has lived in Padish countryside and his sister Mara - at Maragidik peak. They have respected each other and have cut wood...

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  •   Villa Borovets   Villa Afrodita

    The villa is 150 metres from the mineral swimming pool, in the beginning of the health resort. It has 10 beds in rooms with 2 and 3 beds with ground bathrooms...

    It is 200 metres from the mineral swimming pool in village of Shipkovo, municipality Troyan. The villa has two private rooms with four beds, a common bathroom...

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