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  Reserve Kozia Stena   Community centre

Established in 1987, total area of 902.2 ha. This is the smallest reserve in the National Park , set up with the aim of preserving the natural habitation of...

In spiritual development of Troyan the first place takes the community centre. In its activity There are tracks of all generations. In spiritual development of...

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  •   Snt Petka church   House Hadzi Arhimandrid Makari

    The church is built in 1835 y and is sancitified on 14 October the same year. It strives to seed love against the hate that live in us. The god serving...

    It is 4 km from village of Cherni Osam in quater Usoinat. It is the Hadji Arhimandrit Mkarii's native house abbot of the Troyan Monastery for 20 years. The...

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  •   Hotel Rudan   Hotel Sherpa

    Two km from village of Cherni Osam, Troyan municipality, in the mountain, on the right side of Cherni Osam river, in a beautiful region, is the private house...

    Hotel sherpa is situated in village of Cherni Osam, Troyan municipality. The house offers cosy and atmosphere of the old village life. It has six rooms with...

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  •   Hotel Spomen   Hotel Otdih

    Mini hotel Spomen is located in the central part of village of Cherni Osam, municipality Troyan. It has six rooms with two beds and one with three beds, with...

    Private house - mini hotel Otdih. The hotel has well furnit rooms, private bathrooms and lavatories. Two rooms with three beds and three rooms with two...

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