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Troyan monastery
Troyan monastery History of the Troyan monastery
Icon in the Troyan monastery Zachari Zograf
The Renaissance Museum in the Troyan monastery
  History of the Troyan monastery

The most old news for the troyan monastery, even if some of them has chronical character, are in the monastery chronicles. With descriptions and truth the unknown writer begins from 1600 y the history of the monastery, and initially describes the circumstances of the settling of the monastery in the Stara mountin and the difficulties that the founder has got over to conceal its initial existing. Here is what the writer says for the past of the Troyan monastery:

The hostory of the Troyan monastery starts from 1600 y and as in may others countries the monk live begins in the mountains. Many years after the Bulgarian Kingdom fell, an unknown bulgarian monk came and he has settled down in Troyan monastery with his only one student. After several years here came a monk from Aton that brought the wondermaking icon Snt Bogorodica Troeruchica, as he was going to bring it in Vlashko. He heard for the living of the Bulgarian monk and went to him and spent with him long time in modest live. With the God will the icon has shown many wonders. The monk from Aton didn't leave his aim - to bring the icon in Vlashko. One day he put the icon on his horse and went on his way. But when he was just about to move away when fell under the icon and hardly succeeded to stand up with his help. This event has shown him that the icon doesn't want to leave the monastery and he came back in the monastery as he postponed his travel to Vlashko. Aftera while he desided again to go with the icon in Vlashko but this time the horse again fell fown under the icon. Then he has been assured that the place of the icon was the Troyan monastery. After this the old Bulgarian monk with several other people and the help of the God built a wooden church where they had been making a divine services.

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