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Central Balkan
National park Central Balkan Reserve Boatin
Reserve Tsarichina Reserve Kozia Stena
Reserve Steneto Reserve Stara Reka
Reserve Severen Djendem Reserve Djendema
Reserve Peeshti Skali Reserve Sokolna
  Reserve Steneto

Established in 1963, total area of 3,602.4 ha. Included in the World Network of Biospheric Reserves in 1979. Forest ecosystems cover 94 % of the territory.This is the dwelling place of more than 1000 higher plant species. Steneto is the placewith the highest number of relict species in the National Park. The fauna is unique and comprises 440 animal and bird species, 97 of which are under protection. In the northen part of.the reserve are located the largest spruce forests in the National Park.

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