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  Natural science museum   Troyan Balkan

Here is a rich exposition from stuff animals which are typical for central Stara mountain: mammals, birds, reptiles, insects. It is created from an amateur...

In Central Stara mountain, between 'Ushite' peak and the springs of Taja river to the east is located Troyan Balkan. In this part the mountain is very...

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  •   Vasil Levski in Troyan   Village of Cherni Osam

    Inhabitants of Troyan have participated in the contest for the emancipation of our people by Turkish slavery. The apostle of liberty Vasil Levski has hiiden...

    The village is located 2 km from the Troyan Monastery, close to the Steneto Reserve at the foot of the Colyam Kupen peak (2169 m) and Levski peak (2166 m),..

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  •   History of Troyan   Villa Belite Borove

    According to the historians the first inhabitants in the valley of Osam river has been the Thracians. There is a hill that has been excavated in 1910. There...

    Private villa, located 350 meters from the main street, behind the Exhibition of crafts. It consists: ground floor - tavern with a fireplace, a dining-room, a...

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  •   Park hotel Troyan   Village of Oreshak

    The hotel has 22 rooms with one, two and three beds and two flats. The base is appropriate for camps and green school. It has a new modern discotheque...

    The National Fair and Exhibition of Folk Artistic Crafts in the village of Oreshak is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. Every year the place is a meeting...

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